The Knock of 10,000 Women

I grew up in an idyllic small town with a family who instilled in me a love of all things and people. I was safe from riots in the streeet, gun violence, and the like. My door was always open, and I was usually found on the outside of it. 

Now, I am almost 40 years old. I did not live through women’s liberation, nor did I participate in the struggles of the civil rights movement. Yet, today I see these very things arriving at my doorstep and knocking very loudly. Sadly, I am more often than not on the inside of that door trying to do all of the things a women must do to keep up! 

In this article by Sharon Weeks, she lays out the struggles that women have lived through and overcome. She tells us to not take anything for granted, because it can all be taken away with the swift “swipe of a pen”. We are not immune to being taken back to times of yesterday!

I have taken an oath to myself-to the women who have come before me, and to my sons who may someday have daughters-to open my door again. To stand on the outside, knock with all my might, and ensure that I am heard! Please knock with me. 

Finding my way through life one moment at a time.

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