Use Your Voice

I love to read books that help remind me how to be a better version of myself. Browsing at the library this past weekend led me to Adam Grant’s Originals. It explains how being different can have positive impacts in many situations. I can’t say that I am a true original from my perspective. I can say that I choose to use my voice to be as original as I can. 

In chapter 3, there is a handy chart from Albert Hirschman that points to using voice to change your situation while being beneficial to an organization. I started thinking how this is a perfect reflection of the many citizens who are marching and speaking against the current administration and policies. Our members of Congress were elected to represent us. They were elected to be one voice for us. When our voices are speaking loudly and in such large numbers, we are trying to change our situation while being beneficial to our democracy. 

When our representatives do not listen to our voice, vote with their best interests instead of ours, deem it not necessary to hold town halls, and get to make the rules without consent, here is where we need originals. This is when our voice is most important. Our reps are not being original by promoting new ideas, nor are they moving the world forward. They seemingly are moving it backwards! 

Stand up and use your voice for good. Use your voice to tell your members of congress your feelings, make them become a better version of themselves. Be an original!

Finding my way through life one moment at a time.

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