Talking About a Revolution

I attended my first citizen led town hall this past week during congressional recess. I was in awe of the people coming together in the middle of the week to attend. People filled the chairs, the floor, and lined the walls. In all, approximately 250 people came to express their opinions in a civil manner. Unlike what our representatives would have you believe! This was not a protest, no one was paid to be there except the press, and we all were citizens of the surrounding congressional districts seeking to be heard.

Highly regarded speakers from different policy streams were present giving their best representation of what the Trump administration was trying to accomplish. The air dripped of anger and disdain for the current policy talking points in regards to immigration, LGBTQ, reproductive rights, education, and environmental issues. Yet,  in this large church gathering room, it also had a sense of mission and hope.

It’s a sad and stupid thing to have to proclaim yourself a revolutionary just to be a decent man.

— David Harris

We came together to hear our neighbors stories, to share our ideas, to instill an ounce of hope in those who are afraid to step out their front door for fear of retribution. I learned that not only do we collectively have the backs of our sister and brothers who are like us, but also the backs of those who deem us their adversaries. Coming together to understand one another, to listen, to heal, to laugh – this is the revolution!

**Thanks KDS for the quote

Finding my way through life one moment at a time.

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