The shares, the likes, the retweets; these are all internet tools to further connect your thoughts and feelings to others. In an instant, we can push our thoughts to the Twitter sphere and the Facebook feed of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. The higher volume of shares depends on your ability to truly connect people with their need for laughter, curiosity, or even their need for lashing out in anger.

These connections can be extremely positive and uplifting like babies laughing and playing kittens (for most people). Or, they can be very negative. Think of the school bully who taunts a classmate, or people who post terrifying images of abuse to living beings. When we choose to share, we feel more connected to our friends. We get a high from every comment and like. This feedback loop propels us to post more information, seek more “friends” and followers, and all the while feel like we are connecting.

In reality, we are not more connected. We are ever more disconnected with people, with our neigbors, with those we love sitting next to us. We are a hyper-connected world in all the wrong ways. Lets try to be a little less connected to technology, and a lot more connected to people and see where that leads us.

Finding my way through life one moment at a time.

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