Less Air, Better Quality!

I attended an online data analytics course for the past 9 weeks. It ate all of my spare time, and I learned a lot. I am happy to be writing and musing about life again. The past 66 days have been trying for me, not as a lifelong learner, although that has its challenges, but as a citizen. I have witnessed a fast downward spiral of our democratic ideals. Those ideals crumbling like the last bits at the bottom of the cereal bag.

The present state of the White House and its follies over the past several weeks has led me into a state of disbelief. This whole Russian debacle is its own nightmare on so many levels. Not to mention the sickening of migrant workers in California due to chlorpyrifos, which should have been banned for agriculture use.  Oh wait, that would make too much sense! The Trump administration has a common thread: palling around with thugs, hiring incompetent staff, and deciding against what is best for the people of the United States at every turn. It’s like buying a whole bag of squished cereal!

Those crunched up bits of cereal are seen as soon as you open the box. They either have always been there or occurred during transport. What is the purpose of the air in the cereal bag if it crumbles anyways? Maybe we need less air and a more heartier cereal? You get what you pay for!

P.S. I may have been hungry while writing this post!