Let Go and Let Love In

After a series of incidences over the past few weeks, I realized I needed to live and let go. The live part was easy — wake up, breathe, eat, drink a cup of coffee, go to work, etc. The letting go was the hard part. I tried making forgiveness an active process through letter writing. I had no intentions of sending the letter, so it shouldn’t have been difficult. Completing the first sentence was pretty close to having my thumbnails slowly ripped off.

I gave up on the writing process. Whoever said I wasn’t a quitter lied! I tried another avenue. I started meditating. Meditation puts me in a state of nothingness and everythingness and connects me to the universe and myself. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the act, and after some time, I realized there was nothing I needed to do. I gave in, I let go!

My mind became clear, my heart was full of love, and I moved on. Have you ever hurt so deeply it tortures your soul? Have you ever tried to let it go? What steps did you take to be a better human who loves unconditionally?

No Is Not Enough

No, I say, to the child at my side

who’s clamoring for objects

that contradict my ideals

of parenting


No, I say, to giving myself

the ability to speak

freely and truthfully when

the rest of the room


No, I say, to the blatant outcries

of racism, hatred, and hurling

of darkened words that burn

the souls of fellow


No, I say, to saying no,

and flip the script to

yes to owning your choices,

yes to my words,

and yes to love.

Pathway to Peace

Seeking the path to peace in a world full of uncertainty becomes the peace itself!