The Lights Blew Out in Charlottesville

Gandhi stated, “a nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”, and I firmly believe this to be true. The events of last Friday and Saturday in Charlottesville was a blatant show of hatred and disrespect for human life and different races. The response of the President of the United States was even more appalling. What does this say about our culture? About our people? Are we a nation of hatred and vitriol? I like to think not. Then again, I am not sure we as a nation can claim to be a beacon of light to others. How dare we spread the vision of free and open societies to other parts of the world, when we can’t even give respect to our fellow citizens who live next door. We must uplift our neighbors, not run them over with cars and chant slogans of hate in hopes of proving a point. The hearts and souls

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