98 Seconds

According to RAINN’s website, every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. Even though rates have been steadily falling since the early nineties, this is a staggering number. Why are 1 in 6 women subjected to such brutal acts of violence? Why isn’t this number a big fat zero?

Maybe a large part of the problem is that women do not come forth when it occurs. How can someone be responsible if no one knows it occurred? Or, when women do come forward, they are not seen as credible, or are told they “asked for it”. Either way, the victims are not to blame.

There are those who learned somewhere along the way that control over another human being gets them off. Blame rests squarely on them! It lives under the grime of the finger nails of the people who commit those crimes.

The Weinstein allegations have unleashed a fury of people posting #MeToo on social media outlets. Suddenly, sexual assault is everywhere…except that it already was. Is this an awakening? We can only hope this is the beginning, so no one person has the ability to take away another’s shine.


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