Looking Back to Look Forward

Instead of looking towards 2018 to make New Years resolutions, I am deciding to look back at what I have accomplished this year:

  1. Creative Life: Started this blog and keeping consistent
  2. Health: Began a fitness routine as a lifestyle
  3. Home: Painted one bedroom and a deck
  4. Heart: gave freely of my time to those in need and loved more deeply
  5. Wealth: donated to charities consistently & maxed out my possible savings
  6. Knowledge: certificate in data analytics

I feel good about this past year in my personal life! Now, onwards to 2018 with optimism and new beginnings.


Path of Remembrance

Where you once thought you were,

you return to once more.

The circle completes itself,

and the journey begins again.


Take a wander down that path.

use the one least travelled.

Show your true colors, and feel

your way through the terrain.


Give in to the journey

of life and keep it, dear.

Cherish it. Enjoy it.




Forbidden Words

According to the Washington Post, the Trump Administration is banning a list of words from being used at the CDC. All I can say is wow, and it doesn’t surprise me! Vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, and science-based are no longer allowed to be added to official documentation of a place where they are “globally recognized for conducting research and investigations.” How absurd is this? I have decided to make these words forbidden for Donald Trump. You can no longer say woman, rich, huge, winning, fake news, great, or God Bless America!