In Memoriam of MLK

The pages black and white

The words full of might

The necessity of the moment

Written in cement.

Waiting for those to read,

to plant your seed

across the generations

of nations

who need your love.

Bring me your dreams,

your utmost extremes,

your downtrodden,

 and those we see God in.

Live your truth,

keep hope in the youth,

and march,

bend that long arch…

and love.



Light Calls Unto the Darkness

The stars guide,

show me the way

of the night, as

the blackness of the

sky deepens and

swallows one whole

into the underbelly

of hatred and


I beg you,

allow the stars

as guidance,

clambor out

of the darkness.

Bring love and

honesty always!

Mirage of You

I lay watching you grow

as the cold winter night

envelopes the room in an

eerily glow.

Stay another night

unto this life

under the warmth of

the candles shining

with their organge light.

Gently you wake,

flitting away into the

evening, falling away

from my dreams

where you once


2018: The Year of Water, Love, and Mindfulness

Now that 2017 has ended, I contemplate where I should focus my intentions for 2018. These three goals are a start and make me hopeful that 2018 will be the best of all my years yet.

Firstly, drinking more water is a necessity. This time of year, when the days are short and the nights long, freshly roasted beans of the Guatemalan mountains beckon my name. After that, tea, cocoa, and wine (really anything with a steeping warmth to take away the chill of the winter air), are my drinks of choice. Does it count that those things are made with water? Water is the life blood of all living things and just as plants perk up with fresh water, the more I drink the better I feel. I have made a deal with myself: for every non-water beverage drank, I must follow that with a glass of water. Fingers crossed on this one!

Secondly, I choose to spend quality time with the people I love. That means ensuring the electronic slave masters know their hours are numbered and notifications be damned. The little red number is no longer visible and the lock screen now reads “No Older Notifications”, nor have any new ones. I did make an exception for my emergency contacts and financial alerts, however. I also used the unsubscribe/junk feature for many unimportant emails that waste my time.

Third, I will use silence and writing as my voice instead of crying-out-loud sarcasm and under my breath opinions. I admit this will be the hardest of all! Any of you who know me completely understand this. I am curious how this will play out in my journaling and writing. Let’s hope it gives me a creative edge for the year.

What are you intending for the year ahead?