Equality [or Death]

Live your truth.

Seek your inner

self and be who

you were meant to be.


Never give up your

dream or allow

someone else to

squash your reality.


Lean on those you

love and keep your

inner self



Never give anyone

the power to take

away the love you

choose to share.


As the moment you

cease to live

and be true

to you,

your spirit

dies along




Follow As I Lead

Whispering in the gentle breeze

you come calling my name.

Weakening me like a disease,

I play your little game.

Pondering if it is okay

to enter where I don’t belong,

you direct to me the way

and plea for me to come along.

As I find my way through,

with your candle burning bright,

you guide me the way – through

the deep, dark, lonely night.

As I approach to the end,

I find we are apart,

and that you send me

further from your heart.

All Children Are Our Own

The children across this nation need protection from guns and their wrath.


Our child has a hope

and a fear in life.

Plans for the future,

trying to cope.

He went to school this morn

carrying his pack,

his dreams,

entered the door.

Our child deliver’d

his last message,

and pulled the



Will it be your child who dies or the child who pulls the trigger? We must act!



The Coming

These fingers hold

the pleasure to feel,

the power to heal,

and stories untold.

Speaking to the heart,

guiding the mind,

all the insides,

and make bodies a part…

Of what, is unknown.

Deep mysteries told,

and more to unfold,

deep down in the bone.