Oath of a Soldier

Dedicated to all those who have served and lost their lives during times of war


You fight and march

along the way,

you dream of

doing good.


You carry weights

upon your back

at the age

of young adulthood.


The weight is


yet you carry

it proud.


The oath of a


you daily



May the weight

be lifted

as you lie



On that long

journey home

while your family


Fall of Life

Life is the fall,

when the leaves

turn yellow and the acorn’s fall,

tumbling down to a

lesser known existence,

between which you know

not where you are

headed, or when you

may develop,

while waiting for moments;

when you matter,

are stronger, larger,

here for a more important duty.

To show

what you can become, and

what you can do,

for the only one that counts…